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The Labyrinth, as a dynamically enlivened archetype, would seem to have chosen a few certain persons to communicate its importance for the times in which we live. It is as though by revelation and through synchronistic occurrences in their lives, they have been compelled to follow where the spirit of the labyrinth has led them.

Jeff Saward

Jeff was among the earliest of those researching and calling attention to the prevalence of the labyrinth pattern throughout history.  Because Nigel Pennick's name was on the cover of the first slim booklet by which I was given an indepth introduction to the labyrinth, I have been negligent in acknowledging Jeff as editor of
Caerdroia, the Journal of Mazes and Labyrinths, for which Nigel's LABYRINTHS: their geomancy and symbolism was written.

My earliest fascination with the labyrinth pattern grew out of this edition of Caerdroia in which Nigel demonstrated Jeff's discovery of how the fourfold meander pattern, when rotated 360 degrees, becomes the Classical labyrinth. Moreover, it was from this insight that my amazement at the fourteen turns by which the center is attained has continued to unfold  for me the mystery of how the labyrinth is a reflection of the cycles of life.

It should also be noted that Jeff is an accomplished graphic designer, and that his drawings of labyrinths are among the most familiar to labyrinth enthusiasts who, myself included, have often replicated them without knowledge of or credit to their source.

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As Canon of Special Events at Grace Cathedral (Episcopal) in San Francisco, no one has had greater or more contagious enthusiasm for the labyrinth than Lauren. Her early sowing of the seed idea of portable labyrinths on canvas has propagated a truly amazing harvest of worldwide labyrinths, thus opening the experience of the labyrinth to untold numbers; while her book,
Walking a Sacred Path, has enriched and deepened their journeys to the center.

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Sig is another  tireless researcher and pursuer of all things connected with the labyrinth. The 2001 edition of his
LABYRINTHS, Ancient Myths & Modern Uses, is expansive in its study of the labyrinth, tracing its early roots, its basis in sacred geometry, its mythic and ritual purposes, as well as its psychological implications both to our personal and collective lives.

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The Labyrinth Society


Sig Lonegren is also web master for the Labyrinth Society, an international organization with members in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. In 2002 Labyrinth enthusiasts from all over the world will gather at Glastonbury, England and again in Sacramento, California. To find out more, visit the Society's site at 



Robert Ferré

To those interested in labyrinths, Robert has put St Louis, Missouri on the map. As Director of the St Louis Labyrinth Project his web site offers labyrinth information and resources. He also has written a number of instruction manuals for persons wanting to build their own labyrinths.

To give you an idea of the magnitude of interests in all things labyrinth, Robert's labyrinth crew is approaching the making of their 500th canvas labyrinth. Another of his Herculean tasks was as co-editor of the English translation of Hermann Kern's THROUGH THE LABYRINTH, a huge compendium about labyrinths. He also lectures extensively on the subject of Labyrinths and leads labyrinth pilgrimages to France.

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John Koch

My acquaintance with John, an Australian builder whose designs are based on sacred geometry, is through his work in facilitating the spirit release of the Aboriginal peoples who suffered much the same fate as the tribal peoples of California. He has much to teach in this area and how personal and planetary healing can come about when sacred forms become the focus of conscious intent for altruistic outcomes. If you are interested in this subject you will want to visit John's site, which also includes some incredible sacred art by Charles Bartlett. John has written a book which let's hope will soon be published.

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Kathy Doore

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