Chapter XVI


     In the story's final chapter, Juan and Old Father sail into Monterey Bay and are greeted by his entire joy-filled people. In the days ahead he shares with them all the wonders he has seen. His mother, grandmother and sister all beg him to tell them the most pleasing thing he had seen in the whole trip.  He begins, "I saw it from a hill. It was pink with roses, and from it I could see a silver ribbon of a river that emptied into a bay that was both blue and green.  On one side the purple mountains ended. On the other began a point of green evergreens whose backs had been bowed with the burden of the north wind."  And so he continues until his grandmother says "Bah!, I can see that from outside my ruc every sun in twelve moons!" With that laughter breaks out as everyone realizes it is Achasta he is describing, that returning home was the most wonderful part of his entire trip.

     As for Old Father's secret, you will have to read that for yourself.


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