S=Spanish M=Mexican R=Rumsen L=Latin

  • a ma hunse (R) (ah ma hunsay)
    toasted seeds to  be ground before making into mush.
  • amar a Dios! (S) (ah mar ah dee os)
     common greeting, such as English "good day" [literally: "Love God!"]
  • amse (R) (ahm say) scar
  • Ash (R) (ah sh) medicine man
  • atole (R) (ah to lay) hot cereal
  • catechumen (S) cah tay choo men)
    one who is being taught the pinciples of Christianity
  • chía (S) (chee ah) medicinal herb, white-flowered sage
  • doctrina Christina (S) (dokt ree nah) Christian doctrine
  • el beato (S) (el bay ah toh) blessed person
  • el delegado (S) (el day lay gah doh) frail, thin one
  • gavilán (S) (gah vee lahn) sparrow hawk
  • Hola! (S) (hoh lah) interjection—hello, or ho!
  • Ka uk (R) (ka ook) friend
  • ka-i (R) (kah ee) pain
  • Ka ap Pan (R) (Kah ah pahn) "Our Father" as translated
    for Native peoples
  • lemme (R) (leh may) rabbit skin blanket
  • nei! (R) (ney) exclamation— "now!"
  • neóphyte (S) (nay o fight) a recent convert
  • Noche Buena (S) (No che Voo ay nah) Christimas Eve
  • olé (S) (o lay) bravo!
  • pozole (M) (poh zo lay) cereal cooked with meat and vegetables
  • ranchería (S) (rahn chay ree ah) cluster of huts forming a settlement
  • ruc (M) (ruhk) hut or cabin
  • siesta (S) (see ehs tah) afternoon nap or rest hour
  • ta-mai (R) (tah may) sweet dried fruit or candy
  • Tai-ruk (R) (Tie ruhk) The "Our Father" prayer to the white man’s God
  • tara (R) (tah rah) heaven, sky
  • Te Deum Laudamus (L) (Tay Day oom Lau da mus) hymn of praise
  •  umin (R) (oo min) hummingbird
  • urkan (R) (uhr kahn) mortar for grinding seeds
  • wa lu min (R) (wa loo min) cut, wound
  • yerba mansa (M) (yehr vah mahn sah) healing herb used
    for making poultices
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