Crossing the foot bridge to path leading to the Labyrinth



Mid-Summer at the Labyrinth is hot and dry, but banked along the creek by oaks, wild grapes, and blackberries



First arrivals are heading for mid-day shade along the creek.



Sam, having forded the creek, arrives on his quad.



Preparations include stomping out gopher holes



Ann G and Annie K
Wheel barrowing in some chairs to supplement sit-upon logs



Two More Ann's  -  Ann C and Ann E - arriving



Opening the Ashes



Louisa Preparing Ashes for Distribution



Gathered and waiting to begin



Therese's flute calling forth our spirits and all higher beings gathering here for the purpose of consecrating Bob's ashes to this sacred space



We move towards the entrance of the Labyrinth



Gini's flute leading us into the winding labyrinth pathways as one-by-one we make our way towards the center.



Gathering at the Center



All together now at the center we take time to tone and attune, to meld our voices and hearts , mindful of why we are here.



Helene sounds Bob's Drum



Recalling one of Bob's favorite songs, we sing:
"I'm in Love with my God
And my God's in Love with Me
And the More I Love You
The More I Know
I'm in Love with My God."


We begin by burying a portion of the ashes under the Mother Stone to become a permanent part of this land and ,perhaps, with the help of the gophers and rain to merge with underground caverns and streams.



Here Joseph prepares to bury another portion of ashes under the Father Stone.



Ashes are added to the rich red earth at the base of the large quartz Father Stone--the  power center of the Murray Creek Labyrinth.



Also being implanted with ashes are crystals from Bob's Medicine Bag.



One of Seven crystals from Bob's Medicine bag placed with ashes



A larger crystal, also from Medicine Bag, is placed on the Mother Stone, and immediately attracts a small creature.



From closer up



From Really Close Up: 
Bob, is that you? 
Or perhaps a sign from you that you are still the shaman in residence here.



Carefully, thoughtfully, amongst small and large stones Bob's ashes are returned to earth. And some blowing with the wind will become a part of the atmosphere here and even the very air we breathe.



As each one is guided, the ashes and crystals are distributed throughout the Labyrinth.



Brendan, busy taking these photos, now takes a moment to add ashes to the Mother Stone



A reflective moment



Gini plays us back out as the scattering of the ashes is completed.



Re-gathered under the oaks we share our experiences of Bob's continuing presence and influences in our lives. Among us someone (who "sees") points to Bob's presence as against a bank of manzanita, his entire being expanded with arms outstretched in blessing; now dancing his joy in new-found freedom of spirit.



Under what sparse shade we can find we enjoy a time of drumming together as a way of allowing all that we have experienced to sink in more deeply. Someone observes that walking the labyrinth will for them never again be the same, and which speaks incredibly true, perhaps for each of us.



Having shared so richly on so many levels we now share food.



And we linger on, reluctant to part from such rich and joyous fellowship.



And on we linger



And on



And on



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