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Ann's Mandalas of the Hours:  These Mandalas are based on the Dinshah "Attuned" Spectrum (12 colors with vibrational frequencies separated by approximately 30 degrees), and here applied to the Geometry of the Sacred Gnomon, the same Sacred Geometry upon which the Murray Creek labyrinth is based, as well as the floor plan of the Hindu temple. More examples and further explanation concerning the geometry of these Mandalas will be forth coming.


Balm of Gilead



A Very Yin Mandala


A Tertiary Combination

"Alive, Awake, Alert"


"Well Being"

"Heart Warming"


   "Quiet Night / Deep Insight"


Embellished Sacred Gnomon Collage




 Rembrandt's Face of the Healing Christ
in the Center of the Chartres Labyrinth Design.
A Meditation Mandala which you are free to print, use and share.
Click here for a larger printable PDF version.
Or for PDF of the below Face of Healing Christ
Click here









"Just Squares"
by Marianne Elliott





"Healing Image"
by Ann Elliott





"Utero Universalis"
A computer generated mandala
by Conal Elliott
© 1999
See more of
Conal's images





Mandalas from Great & Sacred Art



A Rose Window
by Matisse




"The Snail"
Paper Collage
by Matisse



Right: "Colour"
by Kandinsky

Left: Circle/Squares
by Kandinsky


Mandalic detail of Design
by Matisse

from Sacred Art


(source unknown)
Four Evangelists, Vision of the Lamb, from Beatus o Liebana (d 798) Commentary on the Apocolypse (Morgan Beatus) Spanish,  The Pierpont Morgan Library, N Y


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